Verk 1.1 2_webbArse face/Face No 2 
Grown human skin (the artists), Stainless steel, glass, formaldehyde (10%) 2009


Arse Face, 2009

is a self-portrait that is made of the artist’s own skin. Christer has
during a period been an artist in residence at the University Hospital of Linköping,
where, through surgery, a piece of skin was removed from Christer’s body. This skin was
then cultivated in a laboratory, and shaped into a face representing the artist.

By making this odd portrait Christer questions the relationship between the ego and the
shell that surround us, the skin. The skin can metaphorically be described as an interface,
the surface that indicates where “I” begins and where “I” ends. The portrait depicts the artist
in an un-conscious state, what remains is an empty shell, a duplication of the artist himself in
the past.

- Bob Lewis


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