Bert (Copyright: Christer Chytraéus)
Living homeless sculpture. 2012


Copyright Christer Chytraéus / BERT, 2012

I was asked to do an installation in the old, small customhouse, by the prison in Kalmar, Sweden. I put an ad in the newspaper to rent it out for free if the person sign a contract which says that I have the copyright on the person as an living sculpture. The person who moved in (Bert) became a sculpture with its own will that could leave its pedestal whenever it wanted and he became a work of art that (finally) could talk for itself, so I didn’t have to.

press: Östran, Barometern, Kalmarposten, Hej Kalmar.


Rotundan i kalmar_770Veiw of the house in Kalmar


Bert3 annons_770The ad that was put in the local paper


bert_770Bert inside the house


Bert 2_770
Bert making coffé


Bert NYT_770Bert and the New Yourk Times reporter Seth Kugel.