Christer Chytraéus

Dark Times

Dark Times
2010-2016. 2 single channel videos and stills.

A wearable device to capture every moment missed out when blinking the eyes. A camera shutter is placed in front of a hidden spy camera. The shutter was triggered, via a re-build door alarm, to open every time its wearer closed its eyelids – a reversed blink.

One film shows the raw footage from the time waring the device.
The other film shows only blinks.

Stills – Dark Times, 2010-2016, lambda prints mounted on aluminium, 16 x 24 cm each.

Blink Capture Apparatus, 2010, spy camera, camera shutter, electronic parts (from a door alarm), plastic parts, steel wire, hardshell case for glasses, tape, hat, variable dimensions.

Installation view from the exhibition at ID:I Gallery, 2011: 598 stills, 2011, lambda print mounted on aluminum, 16x24cm each. Photo: Stefan Johanson.